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Are you planning to have a party or celebration, but don’t want to get bogged down in running the show? Let these service planners manage the event for you, so you can enjoy it too! Finding quality and cheap services is not that difficult. Here are some good places to look for the best services in the area


best providers in local area

1) Non-Profit Services

These caterers typically offer catering services as way to train aspiring Workers. They offer their services for free because they are training would-be professionals in working for you. Finding cheap catering services is typically easy this way.

2) Culinary Programs

Some colleges and universities have service programs that offer cheap catering services as training grounds for students, offering meals at reasonable prices. They can offer you reasonably priced meals for your different party events. Plus, as an added bonus, you can sample different culinary delights that the students make at the culinary schools.

3) Meals-to-go Companies

These companies sell fresh or frozen meals that come in boxes that you only need to microwave. These meals often have excellent quality and are very palatable. They are usually fully prepared along with entrees, desserts, side dishes, and soups. These are excellent alternatives to fully catered meals and are very good in quality.

4) Specialty Stores and Grocery Chains

These stores often have prepared meals and are similar to meals-to-go companies. Often, they also have excellent food that is prepared ahead of time. You can call ahead so that they can prepare large batches of food for you that you can then sample. They can prepare salad, soup, entrees, and desserts for you. You can also hire waitresses and waiters to serve the food for you at your party event. This should be part of your party planning checklist.

5) Restaurants

Restaurants will often be willing to service your events for a minimal fee. Reasonably priced restaurants will offer reasonably priced food as well. They can offer to sample your food ahead of time so you can pick from their menu your choice of items. These restaurants will be happy to accommodate you.

Mixed Meal Plans that Will have your taste buds jumping for joy!

One of the most common excuses for not eating healthy is lack of time. With people busy between work and their families, the easiest thing to do is to pick up dinner instead of cookie. Active families need to eat healthy, so it’s important to do everything you can to eat at home as often as possible (5 to 6 times a week). Prepping your meals is the best way to make meals at home when you have a hectic schedule. Here are meal prep hacks that will keep your family eating healthy; most tasteful place to be.

1. Meal Plan

Meal planning is an extremely important part of prep. Create a calendar that has every meal planned out until your next grocery shopping trip. While some people like to plan out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, that can be planning overkill for some families. Planning dinners is the most important part, so at least plan those, and then wing the rest if you don’t feel the need to plan every small detail. Once you have planned each meal, add all of the ingredients that you need to your grocery list to make each dinner.

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2. Cook in Advance

Cooked meals stay fresh in the fridge for several days, so you can cook several meals to reheat during the week. Choose items that won’t try out when they’re reheated. For example, you can cook spaghetti, enchiladas, a casserole, and a few other meals all in one day. Let them cool at room temperature, label them, and then place them in the refrigerator until the day you plan to eat them.

crock pot meals

3. Crock Pot Meals

Prepping crock pot meals is another great way to prep in advance. You can take all the ingredients to make one crock pot meal and store it in a one-gallon Ziploc freezer bag.  Placer bag in the freezer, uncooked, and pour it in the crock pot the morning of the day that you want to eat it for dinner. Having about five to six crock pot meals prepped will give you more options and allow you to have something easy in the freezer that will make very little time to prepare. Put everything in your slow cooker during breakfast and it will be ready after work. If you don’t know many recipes, you can dress up the same ones with different sauces and dressings. Hampton Creek is popular for creating the Hampton Creek mayo. They also have healthy ranch, chipotle, and other delicious sauces and dressings that you can add to your dishes.

healthy snacks4. Prep Snacks

Prepping snacks is just as important as prepping dinners. Do you find yourself running to the gas station to grab snacks on the go? Instead of getting stopping or trying to figure out what type of snacks to eat, prep some snacks. Fill Ziploc bags with an apple and a handful of strawberries. Fill other bags with some crackers and some sliced cheese. As you get some meal prepping practice, you’ll find yourself coming up with more combinations. When it’s time to run to to tennis tournaments or dance practice, everyone can grab a bag full of the snacks that they enjoy.

5. Re-Organize Your Fridge
Fridge organization is one of the biggest problems when it comes to prepping foods. Most people have a row of yogurt, a drawer of apples, and so on. Basically, all of your foods are grouped together. What’s wrong with that? It makes it more difficult to prep for the week. Dedicate different areas of your fridge for each week. Many people use baskets to organize their shelves around their home. Using them for your fridge can help too. Put all of your Ziploc bags full of snacks for Monday in one basket. Put the snacks for Tuesday in another basket and so on.

Meal prepping is the best way to make sure your family eats healthy every day. You’ll save money and time.

The Literacy Battle; educating among the in-grids.

Literacy, roughly put, is the ability to read and write. Implied in those two skills is the ability to think critically. Otherwise, reading and writing are simply skills–processes to move words around, and anyone that’s ever read and written well knows that’s not true.

Literacy, however, is that idea of reading, writing, and thinking, but with the added burden of understanding what’s worth reading, writing, and thinking about–an idea increasingly relevant in an era of social media where a 20 second video can receive two hundred million views, and some of the most important ideas in recorded human history elicit a “LOL” reaction from students. Education comes first.

The following is an excerpt of an essay by Wendell Berry on literacy, primarily through a cultural and human lens. In it, he questions educations increasing preoccupation with “career readiness,” and our willingness to dispense with precise communication in our day to day life and chosen entertainment forms.

Of course, Berry never calls this kind of literacy “absolute,” but if we take the need to read and write and follow that need, as an arc, to the meaningful application of that reading and writing, the full context is comprehensive. It is as important to understand what’s worth reading–and what one might do with those ideas–as it is to read. Same with writing–both powerful strategies to etch out our own humanity.

Education factors that surpass average

In Defense Of Literacy

In a country in which everybody goes to school, it may seem absurd to offer a defense of literacy, and yet I believe that such a defense is in order, and that the absurdity lies not in the defense, but in the necessity for it. The published illiterates of the certified educated are on the increase. And the universities seem bent upon ratifying this state of things by declaring the acceptability, in their graduates, of adequate – that is to say, of mediocre writing skills.

The schools, then, are following the general subservience to the “practical,” as that term has been defined for us according to the benefit of corporations. By “practicality” most users of the term now mean whatever will most predictably and most quickly make a profit. Teachers of English and literature have either submitted, or are expected to submit, along with teachers of the more “practical” disciplines, to the doctrine that the purpose of education is the mass production of producers and consumers.

forcing our profession into a predicament that we will finally have to recognize as a perversion. As if awed by the ascendancy of the “practical” in our society, many of us secretly fear, and some of us are apparently ready to say, that if a student is not going to become a teacher of his language, he has no need to master it. In other words, to keep pace with the specialization–and the dignity accorded to specialization–in other disciplines, we have begun to look upon and to teach our language and literature as specialties. But whereas specialization is of the nature of the applied sciences, it is a perversion of the disciplines of language and literature.

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Providing only the Best Service Directories

Field service organizations encompass two distinct business models that are intrinsically incompatible, yet the norm. How is this possible, and how can service organizations reconcile these models?

I’ll start by explaining the business models that service organizations are burdened with. They have two types of customers: those on contract, and those off contract. Sales divisions are asked to sell service contracts because they’re intrinsically high-margin, and in some cases, 100% margin if the customer never calls for support. And yet, once the equipment sale has been made, if the customer is on contract, the service organization is incentive not to come out and actually service the customer. Why? Because the trip is purely a cost and is eating into what was 100% gross margins. I’m not suggesting that service organizations act unethically and violate service contracts by not sending staff out; rather, I’m saying that on a marginal basis, with a service contract in place, service organizations would rather not come on site to service a customer than come on site because on-site trips incur significant costs that cannot be recouped on a marginal basis.

On the other hand, service organizations are happy to service customers who are off contract. Why? Because the service organization can gladly mark up the cost of the ad-hoc visit to cover the marginal costs of the trip. For off-contract customers, service organizations profit from every service trip. The irony of this is that although service organizations profit from servicing off-contract customers, service organizations are always trying to up sell service contracts!

Thus is the paradox of service organizations: they’re incentive not to service their best customers – those who have agreed to pay for a service contract – and are we to service their worst customers – those who won’t pay for a service contract.

#1 provider of service

How did these incompatible models come to coexist?

In short, the current divergent business models are based on legacy assumptions. Decades ago, field service was different than modern service:

1) equipment wasn’t as complicated, and was thus more capable of being fixed by local technicians rather than experts employed by the manufacturer

2) there were fewer electronics. Electronic components are increasingly difficult to fix by non technical experts, requiring professionals with entirely new skill sets

3) customers were less demanding in terms of guaranteeing reduced downtime and response time

Over the last few decades, these assumptions have broken. Equipment is more complicated than ever, and businesses are increasingly less willing to deal with downtime. Despite these changes, the field service model hasn’t materially changed. Service organizations still try to up-sell service contracts, and still do everything they can to avoid on site trips since on-site trips are so expensive on a marginal basis.

The output of the structural changes is that field service has for many organizations devolved into a cost center, or at best a marginal profit center. But given the antithetical models that service organizations have to house, service has lost strategic relevance.

In the next post of this two part series, I’ll explore how some of the leading equipment manufacturers and their service organizations are re-inventing their service models to align with customers more effectively, and as a result, drive strategic value of service organizations.

After Weight Loss Surgery, Eat with Awareness

Weight Loss Info
Becoming vegetarian can actually be healthy and help your body reach its optimal weight

When it comes to your diet after a weight loss surgery, the way you eat can be just as important as what you eat. You’ll need to focus on eating nutritious foods in smaller portions will also help to begin appreciating the healthy foods you eat and the benefits they have for your body. Mindful eating can help you adopt this positive approach to your diet.

The Benefits of Mindful Eating

Mindfulness, in a nutshell, means being mentally present in everything you do. Studies have shown that developing a greater awareness as you eat can help to reduce issues like emotional eating by tapping into your body’s natural cues on when to start and stop eating.

Because you’ll experience hunger and fullness differently after weight loss surgery, staying mindful of your eating habits can be especially beneficial as you adjust to your new lifestyle and diet after weight loss surgery.

Many people lose touch with the physical hunger cues provided by the body. We instead respond to thoughts about eating that may urge us to overeat or eat things we shouldn’t. Mindful eating helps you reconnect your body and mind as you eat, making it easier to appreciate your meals and stop before you go overboard.

To help yourself eat more mindfully, pay attention to:

  • Your food. Take note of every attribute of the foods you eat. Flavor, texture, appearance, nutrition—take the time to notice all of these important elements in every meal. Eat meals at a table and chew slowly and deliberately, focusing on each mouthful. It will be easier to appreciate your food if you cook it yourself, so prepare meals with fresh ingredients whenever possible. Though you’ll want to minimize distractions like electronics, sharing your meals with others and focusing conversation on the experience of the food you’re eating can help you be more mindful.
  • Your feelings. Sensations of hunger will be reduced after Lap Band surgery, but your body will still feel different before and after you eat. When you eat slowly, your body will have more time to tell you when it’s full—pay close attention to what this feels like, and the way that eating a healthy meal helps you feel more energized and invigorated. You can also be mindful of your emotional reactions to your meals. Embrace carefully following an appropriate diet after weight loss surgery and be proud of yourself. Embrace the satisfaction of eating the foods that help your body stay healthy.

The way you eat will be different after weight loss surgery, but it can still be a pleasure. Develop a greater awareness of your eating habits to help yourself adjust to your healthy new lifestyle.

If you would like more information on preparing for your diet after weight loss surgery call us at 256.960.8043 for our Albertville office or 256.400.0027 for our Guntersville office. Also, check out our for other diet related articles such as our ‘Power Foods for Weight Loss’ post.

Home Remodel team Home Evolve Group

Home Evolve Group Bath & Kitchen is a full-service interior home improvement company that specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling for homeowners throughout the Colorado. Here at Home Evolve Group, we believe our remodeling projects do more for our customers than simply improve the look of their homes. Our work enhances our customers’ lives by providing them with a home that’s more comfortable and better suited to their functional needs both now and for many years to come.

So, how can we make your kitchen or bath remodeling dreams come true? First, a representative will sit down with you during an initial design consultation to identify which elements you dislike in your current space and gain a full understanding of your hopes and desires for the ultimate bathroom or kitchen renovation. Home Evolve Group will then help you tackle these issues and create a rejuvenated space that fulfills your practical needs as well as your aesthetic preferences, regardless of whether you want to complete a full-scale renovation or address just a few aspects of the room. What’s more, you’ll have a dedicated project manager assisting you throughout the entire remodeling process, so you’ll always have a point of contact for any of your questions or concerns.

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